Young Crawley accountant helps local firms understand what counts for millennials

An audit supervisor from local audit, tax and consulting firm RSM took centre stage at the new Elekta headquarters in Crawley this week for a special thought leadership event on the changing nature of the workplace.

Elliot Anderson, an external audit supervisor who joined RSM as a school leaver in 2017, presented to over 80 attendees at an event organised by property consultants Vail Williams. The session focused on changes in workplace behaviours and the requirements of the different generations.

Using data sourced from more than 40 millennial and Gen Z colleagues from the across the Gatwick office, Elliot explained some of the motivations of his peers and what they were looking for from a personal and professional perspective. 

Zoë Rudling, an audit partner at RSM in Gatwick said: 'Managing the five generations in today's workforce presents real opportunities as well as challenges for employers. Employers need to listen carefully to different generational voices and ensure they embed a culture of collaboration, inclusion and understanding. In this context, I think every attendee found Elliot's presentation both informative and enlightening and he was a fantastic ambassador for the firm.' 

Elliot added: 'This was a really interesting event. One of the key themes to emerge was that while it is important to try and understand the motivations of the different generations, there is also a need to avoid relying on lazy stereotypes. Everyone is different, and their motivations won't necessarily be determined by the generation they belong to.'

Other speakers at the event included Sarah Kavanagh, Business Transformation & HR Director at Southern Co-op and Organisation Development Practitioner Carrie Foster.

Elliot Anderson