UK Industrial Strategy: Business Secretary to take on new responsibility for delivering better quality jobs

Commenting on the publication of the UK’s Industrial Strategy, Carolyn Brown, employment partner and head of RSM Legal LLP said:

‘In the publication of its industrial strategy today called Building Britain Fit for the Future, the government has supported the ambition of ‘good work’ outlined in the review of modern employment led by Matthew Taylor.

‘The principle of ‘good work’ was widely discussed by Matthew Taylor and RSM experts at a an event hosted by RSM last week, in which Matthew Taylor argued strongly that greater workforce engagement can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

‘Responding to one of the Taylor review’s recommendations that the Business Secretary must be held to account for the quality of work (in the same way as the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is held to account for the quantity of work), the government has announced the Business Secretary will take on the role of promoting the delivery of better quality jobs in the British economy.

‘The government has also accepted the Taylor review’s view that a set of measures against which to assess job quality and success must be identified. To do this, the government will start a dialogue with stakeholders in business and the unions to develop a common set of principles and measures. These will include good pay, participation and progression, voice and autonomy, wellbeing, safety and security and overall worker satisfaction.

‘There are also to be steps to make flexible working a reality for all British employees as well as support for the publication of black and minority ethnic pay and bonus gaps driving progression for black and ethnic minority talent.

‘Whist these measures will pick up several of the themes from the Taylor Review, we wait to see how these are developed in the government’s formal response to the Review itself - awaited at the turn of the year.’