Tech sector set to drive economic recovery

David Blacher, partner and head of technology and media at RSM, said: ‘The launch of Tech Nation’s report today reaffirms the UK’s status as a global tech hub. Not only is the UK third internationally for investment and technology incubation at $15bn, London itself sits fourth for investment behind the powerhouses of San Francisco, Beijing and New York. This demonstrates that the UK is striding ahead of other European countries as the first choice tech destination after the US and China. 

‘Although great to see, it’s not surprising that the tech sector has grown in 2020, due to the crucial role that technology has played in every aspect of our lives during Covid-19. As we emerge from the pandemic, key UK specialisms such as 'deep tech', including AI, blockchain, biotech and big data, and 'impact tech' which solves a societal problems, will shape and enhance our future, and drive the economic recovery in the UK and globally.’