RSM leads debate on the five generational workforce

Tax and HR specialists from RSM will be leading a debate on cross generational working at the ICAEW's annual CFO conference on 18 October which is this year entitled 'Empowering the Strategic Leader'.

Nick Parker, a tax partner at RSM and former ICAEW President, will chair a panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities associated with today's multigenerational workforce. 

The panellists will include David Gibbens, Head of HR Client Services at RSM, Eve Tomlinson, Communications Expert and Academy Trainer and Louise Jack, Chief Operating Officer, Macquarie. 

David Gibbens, Head of HR Client Services at RSM said:

'Improved living standards, deflating pension pots and new legal protections against age discrimination have all helped to nudge up the retirement age. As a result, we are now seeing five generations of employees working side by side, probably for the first time since the Industrial Revolution.

'While some employers value the differing skillsets and knowledge that a multi-generational workforce can bring, we know that many worry this this new dynamic brings a potential for conflict and friction in the workplace. 

'The challenge for all organisations is to foster a culture that allows them to take advantage of the diversity of opinions, experience and knowledge that a multigenerational workforce can bring.'