RSM comments on new Food and Drink action plan

Commenting on the news that the Government has launched a new international action plan to grow UK food and drink exports over the next five years, Mike Thornton, Head of Manufacturing at RSM, said:  

‘With around 25 per cent of the UK manufacturing market, it’s great to see the food & drink sector being given this additional support in an ever-changing economic landscape. If we look to the Scottish market, we can see the positive impact this can have on exports as the industry has grown north of the border by over 50 per cent due to a sustain period of investment.

‘UK products carry a lot of cache in the UK and overseas as quality produce and provenance continue to drive activity in the category. Combine this demand with the deterioration in the value of Sterling against both the dollar and the euro, and the UK food and drink sector has a great opportunity to maximise UK exports. Any additional support at this time will be welcomed news for the industry. 

‘Collaboration will be key to the success as food and drink organisations need to come together to share best practice, reduce risk and leverage international opportunities to ultimately stimulate sector growth to hit the ambitious target of £2.9bn.’