RSM and BIFA support debut UK filmmakers to shape sustainable careers

Leading audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has announced its partnership with Springboard – a new programme delivered by the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA) – to support the thriving independent film industry in the UK. 

The pioneering BIFA Springboard programme, funded by BFI and supported by Netflix, supports British filmmakers to a sustainable career in film following a successful debut feature. The initiative offers in-depth and expert training sessions around key elements of the production industry, providing strategic guidance, skills training and a supportive community.

As a key partner, RSM is delivering one-to-one sessions with up-and-coming filmmakers on all aspects of financial management, such as bookkeeping; film tax credits; creative sector tax reliefs; cashflow; and accounting software. 

BIFA is a not-for-profit organisation that award the best, most innovative and creative independent filmmakers in the UK. RSM has worked with BIFA for five years to independently verify all votes for the annual awards; and today’s announcement further extend this relationship.

Shannon Durack-Kelly, accounting and business advisory manager at RSM said: ‘We’re delighted to enhance our partnership with BIFA to support the Springboard programme. Each filmmaker has come a long way to make their first debut feature; and this initiative looks to harness their talent and support them on all aspects of production to help ensure a long and successful career in film.’

Vicky Gilbert, accounting and business advisory manager at RSM, added: ‘The one-on-one sessions give us the ability to draw on key expertise across RSM to deliver tailored, industry specific advice for each filmmaker, which makes a real difference. And it’s great to use our expertise to give something back to talented UK filmmakers, who will no doubt go on to further successful projects with Springboard’s support.’

Rachael Castell, who coordinates BIFA Springboard, said: ‘Springboard filmmakers face a variety of challenges when transitioning from their first to second feature and access to expert guidance and support will help to equip these promising writers, directors and producers with the skills they need to develop their creative careers. Ensuring that balancing books and understanding how to maximise, sometimes dauntingly complex, tax and other incentives, will not be one of their stumbling blocks moving forward.’

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