Ransomware attacks on universities show hackers are becoming more sophisticated warns RSM

Commenting on reports of high numbers of ransomware-related cyber attacks across the Higher Education sector,Sheila Pancholi, Technology Risk Assurance Partner at RSM said:

‘The sheer fact that organisations are being targeted despite having security infrastructure in place demonstrates that hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to these attacks and traditional means of securing networks and systems is fast becoming out of date. 

‘Whilst keeping up to date with preventative and detective security measures remains key, ensuring users are appropriately aware and educated in the threat of ransomware and other cybercrimes remains imperative. 

‘Internal training should encourage staff to exercise caution by avoiding suspicious websites and not activating links contained within emails. Implementing a formal cyber security strategy and having a formally tested plan to deal with a security breach can also ensure that losses are minimised.’