ONS report should help companies seeking to close gender pay gap

Commenting on today’s Office of National Statistics report entitled Understanding the gender pay gap in the UK, Kerri Constable, senior HR consultant at RSM UK said:

‘Today report from the ONS shines an important light on the pay disparities that exist in the UK and examines some of the factors behind the gender pay gap such as occupation, age, and job tenure. 

‘Many employers are currently preparing to publish their gender pay gap reports. For private businesses, the deadline is 4 April, for public sector bodies by 30 March.

‘In preparing their own gender pay gap data to meet the reporting requirements, many of our clients have been able to extract some valuable learnings about the reasons behind their own figures. 

‘Today’s ONS report provides some additional context which could help employers gain a better understanding of their own data. It could also prove useful to employers trying to finalise their narrative and develop action plans designed to close the gap.’