Final decision on airport expansion cannot come soon enough

Commenting on the news that the Government’s decision on airport expansion is imminent, Alistair Hynd, RSM’s co-head of infrastructure said:

‘To rework an over-used cliché, properly big infrastructure decisions seem to be like buses just now. You wait an age - generations in this case - and then three come at once. First, the approval of Hinkley Point to proceed, secondly Chris Grayling renewing the Government’s commitment to HS2 and now news that a decision on airport expansion is imminent. We might also wonder what other infrastructure announcements the Chancellor has up his sleeve for the Autumn Statement. 

‘In a post Brexit world, decisions such as these that can underpin our competitive advantage as an independent sovereign state take on even greater significance, and supporting infrastructure is a vital enabler. We may still debate the rights and wrongs of these decisions, but as any businessperson will tell you certainty is at least conducive to long term planning and decision making. For that reason alone it is welcome, albeit certainty is a relative concept in the context of these intergenerational timelines.

‘Of course the decision on airport expansion hasn’t yet been made, and the BBC suggests we can wait another week. It is a difficult decision politically and successive governments have kicked the proverbial can down the road. However, this PM seems willing to grasp the veritable sheaf of nettles that circumstance has presented her and we are optimistic we may see some progress. Roll on the 25th.’

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