Export strategy - is there enough substance behind the ambition?

Mike Thornton, head of manufacturing at RSM, responds to the Government’s Export Strategy:

‘It is no surprise that the government has today issued its export strategy. Heading into the autumn, we stand on the edge of Brexit and our future prosperity will be heavily dependent on successfully maintaining and growing our exports. Countries that export are more productive, employ more people and pay higher wages. So, the prize for our country of hitting the 35 per cent target is undoubtedly worth fighting for.

‘The strategy is a combination of codifying existing government support together with some new initiatives. However, it seems a little light regarding the latter, particularly when it comes to the important topic of finance. Selling products overseas offers big benefits to UK manufacturers but it can also carry significant risk, so many SMEs would welcome direct government support. The Export Strategy is a good starting point, but perhaps a more ambitious way forward can be established once we leave the rule of the European Union.’