Local professional support - November 2017

A tax on the Bank of Mum and Dad
Economic growth seems largely insensitive to tax increases or tax cuts. But targeted tax changes can have a massive impact on individuals. We look at some recent examples, and are concerned at the prospect of a tax on the Bank of Mum and Dad.

A spotters guide to tax evaders
A recent HMRC survey of tax-evading SMEs has shed light on their motivations and methods. It also points to some possible deterrents.

Could tax relief changes cause the next property crash?
As tax relief changes are phased in, from next year private landlords could find themselves paying more in tax than the net rental income they receive. This significant financial blow for private landlords could have a devastating impact on the wider property market.

HMRC computers strike back
HMRC’s own computers have been unable to fully deal with the changes to tax law introduced for the year ended 5 April 2017. HMRC originally said they wouldn’t amend their system, but after it became clear how widespread the problem was, a fix has magically appeared.

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