Our international specialists

Problems and misunderstandings often arise when doing business internationally. Many of these are simply to do with cultural and language differences as well as local regulatory requirements, and can be avoided with specialist advice from RSM.

Our UK-based region and 'country desk' heads have extensive knowledge of doing business overseas. They work closely with RSM colleagues and partner firms around the world to provide you with tailored advice you can trust.


Doing business in Europe

Doing business in Europe can be complex. Get specialist advice from RSM’s UK-based Europe desk, who can help you do business in 40 countries across Europe.

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North America

Doing business in the USA and North America

Our UK-based US desk and our colleagues across the US can help you navigate the complexities of doing business in the USA and North America.

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Doing business in the Asia-Pacific region

Our UK-based Asia Pacific team can help you navigate the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory challenges of doing business in the Asia Pacific region. 

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Doing business in Africa

Looking to do business in Africa? Find out how our UK-based Africa desk, with the help of RSM colleagues across Africa, can help you take advantage of the opportunities.

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Latin America

Doing business in Latin America

If you’re planning on doing business in Latin America, our UK-based specialists can guide you through the complexities with the help of RSM specialists in the region. 

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Middle East North Africa

Doing business in MENA

Speak to our UK-based Middle East and North Africa (MENA) desk about doing business in the region, and how the RSM International network can help you succeed.

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