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The Modern Workforce

In the latest The Real Economy survey we asked middle market business leaders about the challenges they face with their workforce. Read our Workforce report, featuring real time data from the heart of the middle market and with commentary and analysis from leading experts at RSM UK.

Recruiting and retaining challenges

The middle market is in a war for talent. In November 2021 there were 1.2 million vacancies in the UK, with job to job moves at an all-time high. In our Workforce report, we look at how businesses are coping with ‘The Great Resignation’ and what they can do to help attract and retain the best talent. 

Engagement and morale

Keeping staff engaged and morale high is a challenge when managing any workforce. But living and working through the coronavirus pandemic has made it all the more difficult, with half of middle market business leaders experiencing these challenges. Our Workforce report answers why morale has been such a challenge and what businesses can do about it. 

Listening, learning and adapting 

Middle market business leaders have adapted to working under the extraordinary conditions the pandemic has imposed on the UK. Flexible working has been a key tool in adapting to remote working and businesses embraced new digital tools just at the right time. Find out what businesses can do now to thrive in ‘the new normal’ in our latest Workforce report

The Modern Workforce

How to keep your workforce engaged and supported

Half of our middle market business leaders have experienced challenges with morale. So, what can you do to help your workforce feel engaged and supported?
The Modern Workforce

The British labour market: A new normal

Labour shortages are limiting business’s ability to recover from the pandemic. To return to pre-pandemic levels of productivity, firms should invest in automation and upskilling their workforce.

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