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Climate change

With real time data from the middle market, we look at the challenges and opportunities presented to businesses and how they’re adapting – both to tackle the climate crisis, and to improve their long-term resilience. 

It will be businesses – not governments and individuals – that will have to lead the way to net zero emissions. Many firms have already made positive changes and are exploring the new growth opportunities created by a move away from business as usual.

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The research was carried out by The Harris Poll for RSM. 406 senior executives from UK middle market businesses defined as companies with a turnover between £10m and £750m or financial institutions with assets under management of £200m to £7.5bn were surveyed for the research.

Data for this survey was collected between 9 August and 25 August 2021. Information was collected by online survey or via telephone from 406 executives meeting the set criteria. All individuals qualified as executive level decision makers working across all regions and a broad range of industries. Responses have been weighted to ensure a true representation of the UK economy.

Chart percentages may not equal 100 per cent due to rounding.

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The Real Economy offers an accurate and current reflection of the middle market to help businesses anticipate and address the issues and challenges they face in todays economy.

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