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Business resilience

Debate remains as to whether the UK economy will enter a recession this year, having narrowly avoided it in 2022. With 76% of middle market businesses feeling prepared for a recession, they are ready for whatever comes.

But even showing remarkable resilience in the face of these historic challenges, energy costs and the rising cost of finance are still significant areas for concern for the middle market.

In our latest topical survey, we returned to ask our panel of middle market business leaders how they have managed over the end of last year and in the early months of 2023. While the results show a considerable amount of positivity and confidence, the economic turmoil is not over just yet.

 The Real Economy

Business resilience: Part 1

We asked our panel of middle market business leaders about their preparations for the recession, their spending plans and where they are going to feel the pain over the next year.

UK quarterly economic outlook

Our quarterly economic outlook analyses the conditions of the driving force behind the UK economy, the real economy.

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