Fingerprint Global Limited – proven track (and trace) record

28 February 2023

RSM's mergers and acquisitions (M&A) team advised the shareholders of Fingerprint Global Limited (Fingerprint), on its sale to the Halcyon (Bidco) Limited (Halcyon), an investment platform backed by Aliter Capital LLP (Aliter). 

The client

Fingerprint is a leading software developer for the healthcare industry, servicing NHS trusts, HSE public hospitals and private practices across the UK and Ireland. 

The company helps healthcare providers respond to challenges faced around the tracking and traceability of loan set equipment used for critical operations. Its solutions track the whole surgical instrument and endoscope life cycle in single hospitals, multi-site reprocessing units, local clinics and dentists to ensure regulatory tracking compliance and enhanced patient safety.

Today, Fingerprint’s solutions are used by over 200 hospitals in sterile services, endoscopy, super centres, theatres and clinics. 

RSM’s solution

RSM UK advised and supported all shareholders in their individual decisions to either wholly exit from Fingerprint or roll-over shares into Halcyon.

This acquisition represents Aliter’s second investment within its ‘Halcyon’ platform which aims to create a market leading, UK-based healthcare-focused software and data analytics group.

The shareholders rolling over into the new ownership structure will continue to drive Fingerprint’s growth (as part of the Halcyon Group) and help achieve the full potential of the new Medical Standard 1 (MS1) software that they have recently brought to market. 

Transaction team: Clodagh Tunney, Rhys Jennings and Ryan Keen.


‘Fingerprint has great growth potential and having built a strong relationship with Aliter and Halcyon, we are confident we can achieve this faster and more efficiently with their support. The team and I are very excited to be joining Halcyon and believe that being a part of a wider group will create further opportunities for our business and customers.’

Tarquin Miller, Shareholder

Fingerprint Global Limited