Consumer markets outlook

RSM’s survey of 1000 consumers lifts the curtain on the latest spending habits, and where discretionary spend will be prioritised in 2023. With economic headwinds hampering demand, our report reveals that 98% of consumers are concerned about the cost-of-living crisis, and 37% have no money left after paying for food, energy and household bills at the end of each month.

Read our report, in addition to our latest industry outlooks for Retail, Leisure and Hospitality, Travel and Tourism and Hotels and Accommodation to learn how these findings fall into the wider context of your market.

Hotels and accommodation industry outlook

Find out our predictions for demand in the UK Hotels and Accommodation industry this year in addition to the outlook for hotel occupancy, inbound tourism, staffing, and inflation.

Chris Tate

30 Jan 2023

Consumer markets outlook 2023 report

As consumers are being challenged by major crises, how will their buying behaviours be impacted in 2023 and how does this affect your sector?

2023 to be a tough year for consumer spending

The record-breaking drop in household’s real incomes in 2022 and 2023 means that consumer spending is heading for a sharp fall this year after dropping by 1% q/q in Q3 2022.