Consumer markets outlook

RSM’s survey conducted regularly with 1000 consumers, reveals invaluable insights into the latest purchasing habits and priorities for discretionary spending.

Amidst the challenging economic landscape characterized by persistent high inflation, escalating interest rates, and the looming threat of recession across the UK, US, and Europe, our survey sheds light on the impact of these headwinds on consumer demand.

Consumer sentiment mid-year update

Read the findings from our latest consumer sentiment survey conducted in anticipation of summer 2023.

Consumer markets outlook 2023 report

We conducted a survey with 1000 consumers to gauge priorities for discretionary spending in 2023. What will buying behaviours look like in the year ahead and how will this impact your sector?

Retail industry outlook

Which retail categories will win out in 2023? And what’s the outlook for inflation, retail deal volumes, staffing, sales performance and more? Find out here.

Jacqui  Baker

30 Jan 2023

2023 to be a tough year for consumer spending

The record-breaking drop in household’s real incomes in 2022 and 2023 means that consumer spending is heading for a sharp fall this year after dropping by 1% q/q in Q3 2022.