What a Trump presidency might mean for the UK’s middle market

Joe Brusuelas, Chief Economist from RSM US speculates on what the first year of the Trump administration will look like, outlining what he feels are the opportunities and threats for the UKs middle market.

What can we expect from the first year of the Trump administration?

23 January 2017

From the first year of the Trump administration we expect to see two budgets and the repeal and delay of the affordable healthcare act.

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What are the opportunities for the UK’s middle market?

25 January 2017

I think there are two major opportunities for the UKs middle market, the first is via the appreciation of Sterling that’s greater opportunities for trade due to significant changes in the terms of trade that means increased competitiveness for the UK middle-market firms.

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What are the risks for the UK's middle market?

Joe Brusuelas thinks the single largest risk for the UK’s middle market will be the slowdown in consumption over the next few months due to rising import prices.

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Why would a free trade agreement between the UK and the US be beneficial for the middle market?

A US/ UK free trade agreement would be beneficial for the middle-market because we now understand how to use recent trade innovations to put the middle market at the centre of free trade agreement.

Aside from taxes, what will be the biggest change in the US economy?

Outside of tax policy over the next few years, the single biggest change coming from the United States economy will be a multi-year trillion dollar infrastructure project.