Weekly Tax Brief - Autumn Statement Predictions - 17 November 2015

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we predict what the Chancellor might have in store in next week’s Autumn Statement…

Another 'Budget' , another hat, another rabbit?

17 November 2015

Most people would like a break from the ceaseless flood of tax changes we have seen over recent years but the chance of that happening is slim to non-existent. So what can we expect from this 'Budget' and what kind of rabbit will be pulled out of the hat?

Will the Chancellor have a surprise for businesses?

17 November 2015

Tax avoidance by the multi-nationals has been big news over the last few months and as a result, it’s likely to come under further scrutiny in the Autumn Statement. So what else is in store for businesses? Will the Chancellor have a surprise up his sleeve when it comes to corporation tax…

Taxing times set to continue for wealthy individuals

17 November 2015

With the Chancellor unable to raise funds through the tax credit system as planned, it’s likely that he’ll look to the high-earners to make up some of the shortfall. Wealthy individuals have already been hit hard by tax changes over the years, and it looks business owners, high-earners and non-doms could be falling under the Chancellor’s steely gaze once again…

Hurricane Osborne blows in big tax rises for 400,000 employees

17 November 2015

So what has the Chancellor got up his sleeve for employees? Well brace yourself, because a big tax increase which could affect 400,000 workers and add £400 a year to their tax bill could be on the cards…

The death of the tax return

17 November 2015

As part of their digital strategy, HMRC is keen to ensure we increasingly interact with the taxman via digital and we’re likely to hear more about this in the Autumn Statement. And make no mistake, last week’s announcement that HMRC is to close a number of local tax offices and replace them with regional centres shows just how serious they are about this issue.

VAT – a blow for energy-saving projects and a welcome appearance for Draft VADR?

17 November 2015

Despite the pledge by government that there will be no rise in VAT, that doesn’t stop the Chancellor tinkering around the edges.