Weekly tax brief - 27 September 2016

RSM UK predicts future tax trends

27 September 2016

A recent OECD report has made us think about future tax trends. Will we see continued competition between nations, what will happen to corporate and individual tax rates and what reforms will have the greatest impact on the taxation of businesses in the coming years? Nobody knows for certain, but we’ve put forward three predictions for future trends in tax.

National minimum wage is changing - watch out for the pitfalls

27 September 2016

Employers need to be on the ball and make sure changes to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates, effective from 1 October, are implemented on time.

And finally…HMRC discovers post-it notes

27 September 2016

In a world full of cutting-edge, 24/7 communication channels, HMRC revert back to a tried and tested method to encourage tax payers to pay up: Post-It notes. Whatever next?