Weekly tax brief 25 May 2016

In this edition of RSM’s weekly round-up of the most important tax news, we cover the latest developments…

What happens to the UK tax system if we leave Europe?

25 May 2016

Much has been written and said about the impact of Brexit. While there are countless imponderables, there are nevertheless some important implications for the UK tax system.

HMRC left to fill in the blanks on adult colouring books VAT

25 May 2016

Reports that HMRC has been looking into the VAT treatment of adult colouring books raises wider issues about how the tax system deals with new developments in the market place. HMRC’s actions have been criticised, but should we really be rushing to judgement?

Howzat HMRC loses cricket VAT appeal

25 May 2016

We have discussed in this briefing before the fact that HMRC’s systems do not always produce the evidence that is required to support its case in an appeal before a tribunal. Another example has recently been recorded.

Employers need to face up to Apprenticeship Levy obligations - and opportunities

25 May 2016

Since the Apprenticeship Levy was first announced in the Summer Budget of 2015, a number of trade bodies including the CBI and the EEF have called for a re-think. But with no sign of a Government U-turn, businesses must now plan ahead.