UK still top of the class

Property investment is staying in the UK, with over half of UK-based investors choosing not to look to overseas markets for better returns on real estate investments.

This indicates not only a willingness to stay on home turf and put money back into the UK economy, but also a strong belief that our property market will stand strong against set-backs such as Brexit, economic failings and office overload in major cities. Surprisingly, 40 per cent of UK stakeholders surveyed said they were considering investing outside the UK in the next twelve months.

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Over 60 per cent believe inbound investments from overseas buyers are essential to the growth of the UK commercial property sector, while 43 per cent think it is essential to residential growth. These figures again show a solidarity with the home side, and that investors and home buyers are hedging their bets on the UK to ensure our economy and property market doesn’t see the same fall out as it has done in previous years.

The surprising result of the survey, was that 40 per cent of respondents were looking outside the UK for investment opportunities.”

Howard Freedman, Head of Real Estate & Construction, RSM

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