The value of real time information

It’s never been more important to have access to accurate and up to date financial information for your business.  

The traditional methods of collating accounting records, where finance teams would enter invoices, payments, receipts, expenses and reconcile bank accounts on a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis is not going to cut it in the new normal.

Through cloud accounting, you can have real time information at your fingertips, accessible to multiple users anytime, anywhere – something that has become key for business continuity as the coronavirus pandemic has taken effect. 

Data processed using cloud accounting software, and associated technologies and tools, will be processed quicker, and more accurately than using traditional methods. Financial data can easily be updated daily, ensuring that all your information is up to date and accurate. This allows you to have access at all times to key financial management information, enabling you to make accurate, timely and well-informed business decisions.

Such cloud-based tools can also provide dashboards to analyse business performance across a wide range of standard metrics.

Cloud accounting solutions can help by allowing you to:

  • Get full visibility of expenditure and the management of supplier payments.
  • Reduce risk around income – having immediate visibility over which customers owe you money, enabling you to chase payments and control the amount of credit you extend to those customers
  • Create budgets and monitor performance against them in real time.
  • Record transactions and enable reporting on a project basis.
  • Forecast your cash flow, providing more precise estimates based on actual historic data.

We can help

Real time data, processed and accessed using cloud accounting software and associated technologies, will provide you with up to date and accurate information. This can be shared with all your stakeholders including your accountant or adviser, enabling you to make accurate, timely and well-informed business decisions.

Contact us to find out how we can help you introduce cloud accounting into your business.

Lee Marshall Lee Marshall

Partner, Head of Accounting and Business Advisory