21st century workforce

The 21st century workforce

The workplace is changing. Agile working, family friendly working, zero hours contracts, the gig economy – all new but are now familiar concepts. In light of the Taylor Review, released 11 July 2017, and the recent abolition of Employment Tribunal fees, it is critical that businesses understand the implications for them and their workforce.

In the coming months, and in conjunction with Kingsley Napley, we will be keeping you informed and running update events concerning key changes to legislation and regulation to ensure that you remain compliant and can implement changes to your workforce structure as required.

Key areas we’ll be examining will be the new definition of 'dependent contractor', whether the proposed changes to National Minimum Wage (NMW) will achieve the desired effect and whether aligning the tests for employment rights and tax is an opportunity not to be missed.


The impact of the Taylor Review – have your say

We want to hear what you think about those recommendations and how you think they might impact on your business. Our survey opens today and closes at 5pm on 22 September 2017.

The resulting report will offer insight and analysis into current working practices and how different sectors view the potential changes.

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The Taylor Review

The Taylor Review proposes clarity on employment rights status and radical reforms to the tax system

The Taylor Review on modern working practices and the gig economy has been published. We discuss the highlights and what impact its recommendations are likely to have.  
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Regular voluntary overtime counts for holiday pay

Following an EAT judgment this week, voluntary overtime is now to be taken into consideration when calculating holiday pay. This continues to provide challenge and cost for business.
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Brexit middle market monitor
The gig economy isn’t holding back and the middle market shouldn’t either

The gig economy isn’t holding back and the middle market shouldn’t either

Theresa May, launched a government review into working practices in the modern economy in the UK, otherwise known as the ‘gig economy’. There has been a rise of short-term contracts and flexible working and as a result, the Taylor Review called for work in the UK economy to be equal for all employees, whether in the gig economy or not. 
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