TMT Series B fundraising

Series B - what you need to know

In many ways Series B can be the most difficult time to secure investment. Although an entrepreneur may have successfully established a small-scale venture, often the full potential of the business is yet to be proven. However, given the right product and market fit, the subsequent growth (especially for tech companies) can be explosive. Although there are many issues to consider, here we highlight our key considerations that are important for management teams readily preparing to secure Series B funding.

Exiting a stakeholder

Nine golden rules to successfully cash out a shareholder

Things change. For many fast-growing TMT businesses there will come a time when the founding shareholder structure will have to flex.

We set out nine golden rules to find solutions that are right for the departing shareholder and the business.

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Will your business structure help you grow?

For fast-growing and ambitious tech companies, the right business structure is key. The wrong structure can make it harder to reach strategic objectives.

There are other events that should also cause management to re-look at their business structure. Here we look at the key triggers.

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Corporate structure
Fundraising content

Navigate a successful fundraise - key considerations for management

Typically raising growth capital rounds will involve cheque sizes of between £5-50m. Because of the high stakes, investors will want to carry out a very thorough examination of the business and so navigating a process can be complex and time consuming.

Although there are many issues to consider, here we highlight four key considerations that are important for management.

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