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Scotland  - Land of food and drink

The food and drink industry in Scotland is booming following 10 years of growth. The sector is working towards a shared objective to double the value of the industry to £30bn by 2030.  Collaboration continues to be critical, from farm to plate, to position food and drink as Scotland’s most valuable industry at home and abroad. 

So how can businesses harness this position when it comes to leveraging opportunities in local and international markets? And will external factors such as Brexit, continue to bring disruption? 

Watch RSM Head of food and drink for Scotland, Stuart McCallum in conversation with James Withers, Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink, as they discuss the 2030 sector strategy, and consider what lies ahead.

Scotland food and drink

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Craft Spirits – what are they and why are they so popular?

There is a craft spirit movement which is exciting for the Scottish drink scene. This movement is epitomized by new innovations and product types challenging traditional perceptions.

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'Brand Scotland': What opportunities and challenges lie ahead for the Scottish food and drink sector?

The last decade has been a stand out success for the Scottish food and drink sector, with industry turnover up by 44 per cent to over £14bn in that period. How have Scottish hotels, restaurants, consumers and retailers been embracing this, and has perception changed in wider markets? 

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Disruptive direction of travel for food and drink sector

The introduction of minimum pricing for alcohol this week is the latest step from the Scottish government to influence change and improve the health and well-being north of the border.  Following the introduction of the ‘sugar tax’ in April across the whole of the UK, the minimum pricing for alcohol measures aims to end Scotland’s ‘unhealthy relationship with alcohol’. However, the move will mainly target ‘cheap’, ‘strong’ alcohol products. So, as of 1 May a bottle of strong cider which did cost £2.50 will now cost £7.50, as 50p is charged for every unit of alcohol. 

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Zero tariff deal welcome news for Scottish whisky industry

The latest agreement to move towards a ‘zero tariff deal’ between the EU and US will be welcome news to the Scottish whisky industry. Stuart McCallum, RSM’s head of food and drink in Scotland comments.

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