RSM Brexit Monitor

How is the middle market faring as the UK enters one of the most uncertain and volatile operating environments since the global economic collapse? Early signs look good – decision makers are confident that the UK and businesses will emerge from Brexit stronger.

The EU referendum result has had a disorienting and blinding effect, but middle market leaders are starting to refocus, taking confident action to secure their future outside the EU.

RSM’s Brexit Monitor offers a snapshot of middle market sentiment as the UK prepares to leave EU. The first-of-its-kind survey highlights how businesses across key sectors are faring amid one of the most uncertain operating environments since the global economic collapse.

Notwithstanding a clear North-South divide, decision makers are overall positive about long-term business and economic prospects.

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Discover which regions and sectors are most optimistic and the early steps businesses are taking to protect their positions.


Brexit - into 2021

There is no doubt that Brexit will have far-reaching impacts, with reverberations felt across every sector. Many in the business world will understandably be concerned.

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