Reflections on RSM at NetSuite’s SuiteConnect 2016 conference

Mohir Hachem

Recently, I attended NetSuite’s SuiteConnect 2016 ‘Igniting innovation with the cloud’ conference, held at the Westminster Plaza in London. RSM was proud to be gold sponsors at the number one cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) event. It was my first time attending such a NetSuite-hosted event since I joined RSM earlier this year.

I was excited to learn more about NetSuite capabilities and plans to further develop its cloud ERP software footprint across EMEA. But more importantly, I was really looking forward to hear real-world customer stories, stories of customers who implemented NetSuite, stories of customers who were considering to implement NetSuite, and of course, customers who had been or may be implementing NetSuite to drive their technology and business change agenda forward with RSM as the system integrator. Hosting for an hour or so RSM’s stand at the conference would surely satisfy this expectation. My expectations were well exceeded.

First, I was genuinely impressed by the attendance, the scale and the diversity of partners, system integrators, customers and prospects that were there, all discussing from their very own perspective how a cloud ERP platform could bring them the flexibility, the scalability and the capability to innovate, expand or transform operations.

Secondly, key messages heard from Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO, and Mark Woodhams, SVP & Managing Director NetSuite EMEA illustrated strong NetSuite ambitions and commitment to its EMEA customers. New product releases were announced during the conference, two new datacentres have been recently opened in EMEA, and a punchline that still resonates in my head (and probably of a few others), Adopting the cloud is the 'last technology change' organisations will make in their history.

Finally, I had the opportunity to meet and discuss with a number customers and prospects who kindly shared their stories or current thoughts. I could then fully grasp what the recent award achievement RSM received for 'Regional Alliance Partner 2016' meant. Combining the software capabilities offered by NetSuite and the RSM implementation approach focused on high quality delivery and early realisation of benefits can prove instrumental to the mid-market organisations seeking to streamline, simplify or expand their operations.

In conclusion, SuiteConnect 2016 was a big success, a unique way to connect with the wider NetSuite ecosystem and an excellent boost to progress working with our customers adopting the cloud. 

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