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Recruit, retain, protect

It has never been more important to hire and retain the right talent to drive business performance and improve productivity. We all understand that recruitment can be an expensive process, but how aware are you of the hidden costs linked to retaining your workforce? Are you using the right tools to find, engage and nurture your talent? And is your organisation sufficiently protected from the risk of business-critical talent walking out of the door?

Explore our campaign page where we discuss some of the issues that you face when recruiting and retaining your workforce whilst protecting your business.

Business agility demands an institutional commitment to learning and development

Is your business ‘change agile’? Change has become a constant in business, whatever the organisation’s size or circumstances. Read more to find out how learning and development programmes can help with organisational change.

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Onboarding new recruits

Onboarding a new colleague to a business is an exciting time. So why do organisations overlook this critical process?
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Recruit retain protect

How to attract talent in a competitive market

In an uncertain and competitive landscape, skilled employees will help your organisation confidently navigate change, stay flexible and emerge from market shocks relatively unscathed. Learn how to hire the right people.

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HR employee lifecycle

Are your managers damaging your bottom line?

Think about the last person you made a manager. Perhaps you promoted them because they did well on a project or showed high potential. But what about their ability to lead?

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Recruit Retain Protect

The Apprenticeship Levy and upskilling managers

The Open University highlighted that, although 50,000 organisations have paid £1.39bn to the Apprenticeship Levy, only 8 per cent of the funds have been used. Is the answer to greater take-up changes to the scheme, or should organisations change their approach instead?

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Are you developing (the right) managers?

What happens when your employees are promoted to manager level? Are they enrolled in a management training programme or do you expect them to learn on the job? Good managers are key lever for business success, but the reality is that few people are taught how to become good managers.

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HR Employee Lifecycle