Real estate 360

Real Estate 360 

The UK Real Estate market is poised to enjoy a period of growth after a turbulent two years. Changing work habits and occupier priorities present an exciting opportunity to reshape a built environment that helps our society thrive. RSM surveyed over 200 experts to uncover the trends set to define the sector over the coming years. The results show a sector embracing change, and with barriers that must be alleviated for the real estate industry to thrive.

Real Estate 360 – Providing a holistic view of the UK real estate market, so you can look forward with confidence.

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The investment market| Real estate 360

The investment market     

The strength of the UK commercial and residential markets is encouraging higher levels of investment. Find out which asset classes will prosper and how the office market is weathering changing demands.

Future of UK cities | Real estate 360

Future of our cities                 

As we adjust to new working habits, the London real estate market is making a return to strength. We reveal which measures will be most important to attract people back into all our cities.

Barriers to investment | Real estate 360

Barriers to investment       

The UK tax regime is notoriously complex and is now considered the biggest barrier to investment. With additional taxes coming, we analyse the changes investors need to navigate.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) | Real estate 360

Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

The real estate industry has a huge role to play in the global transition to net zero emissions. Find out how attitudes are changing and if they are making an impact.

Property and the Economy webinar

Property and the Economy webinar

Property and the Economy webinar

In this webinar, hosted by Stacy Eden, our expert panellists analysed our recent shared experiences and provided the outlook for the year ahead for commercial and residential markets, as well as discussed the long-term effects of government policy changes and the direction of travel for the sector.

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