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The importance of R&D for your business

Despite the continuous need for innovation and bespoke solutions, there are two common assumptions made by companies; they do not undertake any qualifying R&D activities and it is too difficult to make a successful claim.

We have found that there are common myths that can often stop companies making a claim. Our video series and thought leadership explores these misconceptions and why your company should challenge your pre-conceptions on eligibility to make a claim.

R&D myth one

Myth one

My company hasn't invented anything, so we can't claim. 

Discover why R&D tax credits don’t just relate to brand new products and services. If you’ve taken an existing product and improved it in some way then challenge yourself to see if you can make a successful claim.

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R&D myth two

Myth two

We think are doing the same as our competitors so we can't claim.

Learn why businesses struggle to see where there might be a claim and how straight forward it is to find differentials between what your business has done and what its competitors may have done.

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R&D myth three

Myth three

HMRC will start a tax investigation into all our tax affairs if we make a claim.

Businesses are naturally concerned that an R&D claim could trigger a tax investigation. But this really isn’t the case. Learn why a collaborative approach with HMRC really works and helps build a better long term relationship.

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R&D myth four

Myth four

R&D tax relief is only for companies that employ people in white coats.

Find out why tax relief is available to any company that is involved in scientific and technological problem solving not just men in white coats and why you shouldn’t assume that your business isn’t undertaking R&D.

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Download our thought leadership and practical checklist

Let us guide you through the key questions you need to ask yourself when assessing whether you have a valid R&D claim. Making a claim could be much easier than you think and can be a significant tax relief for your business.