Offshore messenger - April 2018

April's edition of Offshore messenger including increased HMRC focus on property developers, offshore trusts and trapdoors for residential property ownership.

Increased HMRC focus on offshore property for developers

04 April 2018

Are your clients at risk of an investigation by the Offshore Property Developers Task Force (OPDTF)?

Offshore trusts - window of opportunity

04 April 2018

With proposed offshore trust tax anti-avoidance rules due to apply from 6 April 2018 there is a limited window of opportunity to act.

Cleansing/rebasing more details emerge

04 April 2018

Further clarification for non-doms who may benefit from cleansing mixed fund accounts and the rebasing of their non UK assets.

Trapdoors for residential property ownership

04 April 2018

Not only is most residential property now fully within the charge to inheritance tax, without careful planning tax charges can arise more than once and on loans and guarantees connected with the property.