Person centred case management

22 August 2017

Research in the UK shows that although joint care planning is seen very much as best practice there is a mixed success rate in getting users to feel that they have contributed to and shared in the planning of their care plan. An interesting collaboration has grown between the UK and US teams within RSM Technology Consulting regarding the development of ‘person-centred’ care and case management systems for the health and care sectors. The US part of RSM has built a solution using Microsoft's Dynamics 365 over the last couple of years for and with a range of local and Federal care and support providers.

The providers wanted to address the concerns being expressed by service users that they were not being actively involved in their care plan (Individual Service Plan in the States) and their wish to be able to collaborate on their plan strategy and goals. Not untypically, the service provider was usually tied to office hours and arranged appointments and focused on their needs to deliver rather than the individual autonomy and identity of the service user. The US developed solution allows each service user to log on to the system through a web page at any time to view or update their information, plan, activities and interests or any agreed area. The service user feels more connected to their planning and able to manage it directly.

The design approach for the solution has thrown up some interesting challenges: it is almost default by nature for a service provider to define their clients automatically by their disability or condition - eg this is ‘Smith, J’ who has anxiety issues and not Johnny Smith who is a football fan of Nottingham Forest and is currently training to be a kitchen worker. When using the RSM person-centred case system this turns this around and presents these personal facets of Johnny by default.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 product set enables considerable flexibility and design ownership is very much endowed with the users rather than the software. The integration of Dynamics with Outlook, web sites, care systems and its easy-access internet-facing deployment ensures that a 24-hour system is available for users to access securely anywhere at any time on any device.

As the RSM solution is being refined for various providers and programmes in the States dealing with long term conditions and extended care, the Technology Consulting team in RSM UK is now adopting the people-centred solution from their colleagues for the UK Health and Care sector and we will be bringing more news of this soon.

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