NHS Health Matters - Summer 2017

In this edition, we look at demand and capacity modelling, what tax assurance is required under HMRC scrutiny, how to deliver savings more effectively, person centered case management and much more.

Demand and capacity modelling – is your organisation using its resources effectively?

22 August 2017

It is fundamental your organisation understands its outpatient demands and identifies where excess capacity exists.

Building change management

22 August 2017

Discover our three-phased approach to aid your organisation deliver savings effectively.

Person centred case management

22 August 2017

With increased budget pressures and growing numbers of people living with long-term conditions. Now is the time to reassess the relationship between people and the services that provide their care.

Pooled funds - the taxing problem of NHS

22 August 2017

As Better Care Fund plans become a real area of HMRC focus, it is vital your organisation seeks assurance on its agreements.

Have you reviewed your high risk and value contracts?

22 August 2017

Have you reviewed your high risk and value contracts? Unlock your Trusts potential savings in contacts through contract compliance audits.