NHS Health Matters report - Spring 2018

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As we enter a new financial year, RSM’s latest edition of Health Matters concentrates on the constant requirement to ensure good governance is maintained.  Whilst our experience of working in a wide and varied base of NHS organisations shows that governance is generally effective, recent CQC reports have highlighted some concerns in this area. This edition covers a range of governance issues:

  • We discuss the tricky subject of assessing culture and its role in improving performance and particularly how it contributes to a ’well led’ service.
  • As we continue to progress down the route of integrated care systems, we look at the subject of ‘meetings in common’, learning lessons from our experiences of CCGs working together to maintain accountability and fulfilling statutory responsibilities, whilst gaining the benefits of working across health economies.
  • The formal introduction of GDPR is now close; we reiterate the need to ensure organisations can demonstrate evidence based compliance, which has already become a challenging and time-consuming process.
  • One of the potential results of poor governance is the potential for fraud to occur.  Whilst all NHS bodies will operate a proactive fraud operation, making sure that your LCFS can conduct a detailed fraud investigation to a criminal level with limited or no input from the police or NHS CFA has become a fundamental element of the role.  

We hope you find this edition of interest and if you have any questions or comments about any of the articles please contact Tim Merritt or your local RSM representative.

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