What support is available to manufacturers during the coronavirus outbreak?

The coronavirus pandemic is causing disruption and uncertainty across the world, and the manufacturing industry has been hugely impacted. 

Demand is fluctuating across the industry and is totally dependent on end markets. For those continuing to operate, many are splitting shifts to ensure social distancing and minimise the risk of infection which is affecting production levels. To compound the issue, there are problems within European supply chains which has resulted in many UK manufacturers ceasing their operations for a period. The safety of workers and the demand for products will be one of the most important things for manufacturers to monitor prior to restarting or increasing their operations.

What support is available?

Working safely in factories, plants and warehouses

The Government, in consultation with industry and unions, has produced guidance for workplaces currently allowed to open and those seeking to reopen in certain sectors between the end of May and 1 June to do so safely. The guidance relates to working safely within factories, plants and warehouses and the key areas covered can be found below.

  • how to approach a risk assessment;
  • who should go to work;
  • social distancing at work;
  • managing customers, visitors and contractors;
  • cleaning the workplace;
  • person protective equipment (PPE) and coverings;
  • workforce management; and
  • inbound and outbound goods.

Read the guidance in full here.

For manufacturers based in Scotland, please find the latest guidance here.

Could your business help with the Government response to coronavirus?

The support needed includes:

  • testing medical equipment;
  • design of medical equipment;
  • production of PPE;
  • providing warehouse space; and
  • assistance with transport and logistics.

Offer your support online via this new portal here 

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