Manufacturing growth - Gaining access to finance

Manufacturing growth

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UK manufacturers have had a lot to contend with in recent years. Sustainability, technological transformation, skills shortages, rising labour costs - and all at a time of huge political uncertainty. These have not been ideal conditions in which to invest and grow.

Without investment, growth will always be hard to come by. And in any economic or political climate, investment relies on access to cash. Businesses that can optimise their cash position and secure the right external finance will be the most likely to succeed.

For this report, we analysed the financial performance of around 4,500 middle-market manufacturers. On the whole, firms across the sector are managing to optimise their cash positions and borrow for new projects – despite the challenges they face. And this is clearly cause for optimism.

But cause for concern is the large number of businesses that still don’t have the finance they need. The practical recommendations in this report will help those businesses access the cash they need for investment and growth – paving the way for a more successful future.

This report explores some of the options available when you’re looking to improve your cash position and access external finance, including; 

  • How to optimise your cash position.
    • Claim tax relief on your research and development.
    • Claim your capital allowances.
    • Reduce debtor days to free-up cash.
  • How to raise finance for growth.
    • Improve your credit score to boost lender confidence.
    • Apply for capital grant support for eligible projects.
    • Consider all your debt finance options.
    • Scan the private equity market.

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