Key facts for MEES

  • Buildings including relatively modern office blocks can fall into the F and G grading categories.
  • Over 18 per cent of commercial properties are F and G graded.
  • Buildings which were on the cusp of a D or E rating could now be downgraded due to enhanced energy performance testing.
  • D and E rated buildings make up HALF of all offices and could fall foul of the new regulations.
  • MEES regulations could be a significant tool for occupiers looking to renegotiate their lease terms.
  • Valuations of properties will be affected.
  • There may be an impact on rent reviews, dilapidation assessments and the provision of finance from lenders.
  • Landlords can easily find themselves stuck with large liabilities.
  • 1 April 2023, the regulations will broaden to make all active leases unlawful for ‘sub-standard’ properties.

Are you affected?

MEES - are you affected?