Key considerations for the leisure and hospitality industry during the coronavirus pandemic

On 20 March, all theatres, pubs, clubs, restaurants and leisure centres in the UK were closed by the Government in an effort to prevent further spread of coronavirus. These unprecedented measures have challenged the leisure and hospitality sector like never before. 

What support is available?

The Chancellor’s package of temporary measures to help support businesses during this period includes:

More information on these measures and what they continue to mean for your business can be found on our coronavirus hub.  

A road map out of lockdown 

Many leisure and hospitality businesses are now left wondering what support is available as we move forward into life after lockdown. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 10 May we now have a road map out of lockdown with some key dates for leisure and hospitality operators:

Step 1 – Ongoing

Take away / delivery continues to be an option for food outlets providing the new 'Working safely during coronavirus guidance' is followed (more detail below).  

Step 2 – No Earlier Than June 1 

Sporting and cultural events can take place behind closed doors and non-essential and non-food retail to reopen. 

Step 3 – No Earlier Than 4 July

Some leisure and hospitality operators required to legally close during lockdown will be allowed to reopen subject to social distancing and coronavirus secure guidelines being met. 

      Working safely during coronavirus in restaurants offering takeaway or delivery

The Government, in consultation with industry and unions, has produced guidance for workplaces currently allowed to open and those seeking to reopen in certain sectors between now and 1 June to do so safely. For now, the leisure and hospitality guide only relates to accommodation provided for key workers and takeaway and delivery food. Further work will be done with operators and trade representatives on future reopening plans for steps 2 and 3. 

Key information covered in the guidance includes: 

  • how to approach a risk assessment;
  • who should go to work;
  • social distancing at work;
  • managing customers, visitors and contractors;
  • cleaning the workplace;
  • person protective equipment (PPE) and coverings;
  • workforce management; and
  • inbound and outbound goods.

Read the guidance in full here. We expect to see more direction released for operators as we enter June. 

Other resources for leisure and hospitality businesses 

For more information, please contact Paul Newman or Robyn Duffy

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