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Is your social housing organisation fit for the future?

Despite increasing sentiment towards economic, regulatory and policy context, RPs are continuing to drive strategic updates to enable them to thrive in this new environment. Our series is aimed to help prepare your organisation and ensure it remains fit for the future.

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The benefits of implementing a digital strategy in social housing

The world has evolved digitally and the social housing sector has started to embrace many of the technological opportunities that have emerged. This is a fast evolving environment; it requires a real commitment and it is crucial to make sure your customers are on board.

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Social housing digital maturity

The new reality for data protection in social housing

The quantity and intricacies of the data held by social housing organisations means that they are particularly exposed under the new regulations. Is your organisation GDPR ready?

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Social housing digital maturity

Digital transformation: where are you and where do you want to be?

Our experts identify the key benefits and provide best practice advice to help organisations progress its digital transformation in our pre-recorded webinar. 

Take advantage of a free trial of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to get your digital transformation journey started.

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Board assurance: a toolkit for social housing providers

There are four main steps to developing board assurance arrangements; does your board have any of these steps in place?

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Health of the sector survey 2017

Our 2017 survey findings report provides a valuable insight into the social housing sector, showing how it has evolved over the last decade and what registered providers (RPs) can expect over the next 10 years. The survey represents the views of 126 respondents, working in the sector, from across the UK.

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