Investing for growth

Early stage investment can give tech companies the head start and critical mass they need to see off rival companies. They seek investors who share faith in their concept and will enable them to make the leap towards what they want to become.

Investors, meanwhile, are looking for potential. They want to be in at the start of the next digital giant or, at the very least, a disruptive company that offers something new and could become a very significant business. Particularly ‘hot’ is tech that makes things more efficient, less labour intensive, lowers cost and is scalable.

Right now, there is no shortage of investment opportunities in the UK. Investors are backing start-ups that are at the right stage of their growth cycles and offer a mix of strong leadership, technical know-how, a proper business model and believable products or services.

The Four Phases of Fundraising;


1) Angels and high-net-worth individuals

2) Venture capital

3) Private equity

4) Sale to trade buyer or Initial Public Offering

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