Gender Pay Gap reporting - stronger enforcement

22 August 2019

This week the UK’s equality watchdog has said it plans to focus its attention on organisations posting ‘implausible’ gender pay gap data now that it has managed to get full compliance for all those actually having to publish data.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said it has now closed the six formal investigations it had launched for those missing the 2019 reporting deadline. 

These companies have now been forced to enter into formal legal agreements with EHRC committing them to reporting on time for the next five years. They have also said that the firms faced further action and could be taken to court or fined if they failed to report on time again.

Their focus now will be on those submitting implausible data eg those claiming to have a zero per cent pay gap. They will be now be contacting companies who fall into this category and launching similar formal investigation and or legal action could be taken similar to those reporting late.

Organisations are reminded to start early to avoid investigations and potential legal action from the EHRC. All organisations have their data at this point in the year and therefore work can be started well before the next reporting deadline in 2020.

If you have any concerns about gender pay gap reporting or need help in verifying your results, please contact Kerri Constable or Frankie Davis.