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Higher education risk register analysis 2019

How does your higher education institution manage risks effectively through turbulent times?

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The higher education sector faces several uncertainties and inter-related risks which need to be managed. This is necessary, not only to protect the institution, but also to enable opportunities to be seized.

So what are the key risk themes within the higher education sector?

RSM’s latest risk register analysis enables you to compare your institutions risk profile with that of others. 

Our report has undertaken further analysis of the contents of higher education institutions strategic risk registers which has identified key risk themes in the following areas:

  • finance;
  • organisational factors;
  • student numbers and satisfaction;
  • estates;
  • people;
  • Brexit, internationalisation, visas and immigration;
  • teaching and quality;
  • IT; and
  • regulation and legal.

Download a copy of our report and learn more about the key risk theme areas and how they benchmark with your higher education institution. Whilst risk management can never prevent a risk from materialising, it can, and does, help to understand possible causes and impacts and to plan the necessary controls and contingencies.

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