New decade, ongoing challenges | The funding of charities in 2020

It is over ten years since RSM began tracking how charities meet the funding challenges they face.

Over the years we have consistently been struck by the charity sector’s resilience and ability to react positively to the challenges it faces. And we are confident it will continue to do so. But organisations need to remain mindful of the importance of informed financial decision-making, and strong governance, when planning ahead. It is only by doing so that they can achieve the maximum impact for beneficiaries and build strong foundations for the future.

In Winter 2019, we received almost 100 responses to our questions about the realities of the last 12 months and expectations for the next 12 months. The survey was completed by senior managers, including finance directors, trustees and chief executives, from the full range of different-sized UK charities.

Find out what areas are most challenging for charities in 2020 and beyond. Look at the sections that we cover in the report and download the full report below.

Picture   The funding scene
Funding, as we see, is an ongoing challenge for charities. So how does a charity improve their funding?
  Taking action
What finance related actions are charities taking to ensure they are adhering to the right regulations and future proofing their charity?

Money   Understanding finances
Are charities well managed and reporting in the right areas?
  Future challenges
Are charities planning ahead?

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