Independent schools end of term report - Spring 2019

'Leave or Remain?' is the key question facing independent schools this Spring. Not the B word, but whether or not to leave the Teachers’ Pensions scheme, with employer’s contributions set to rise to 23.6 per cent in September 2019.

Not a simple issue and one that will no doubt be on the agenda for some time to come, as Governors balance the impact on staff recruitment and retention with the additional financial burden and ask themselves 'can we afford to stay in?'. 

In this issue:

  • Decoding the Charity Governance Code - There is much work for charities to do to improve governance standards. The Charity Governance Code provides recommended practice in seven key principles, but what are the benefits to your charity of complying with the Code?
  • Money laundering - how vigilant are you? - The Independent Schools' Bursars Association has recently reissued its Anti-Money Laundering Guidance for schools including a model policy, as well as guidance which is available from the Charity Commission. What are the key issues that independent schools need to be aware of?
  • Performance Related Pay (PRP) - is it for you? - Performance Related Pay (PRP) for teachers has been a subject for much debate since Government reforms introduced PRP within Local Authority maintained schools in 2013. Is it time your independent school considered reviewing your remuneration strategy?

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