End of term report – Autumn 2017

Welcome to the independent schools end of term report – autumn edition.

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Termination payments

12 December 2017

When considering the tax treatment of a payment in relation to a termination of employment, it cannot be assumed that the £30,000 ‘termination payment exemption’ applies.

A gift aid health warning

12 December 2017

We have recently come across an arrangement for providing laptops to school pupils that purports to be eligible for gift aid but could result in an unwelcome surprise.

Board Assurance: do you know what you think you know?

12 December 2017

Our independent school board assurance toolkit will help you gain a clear and complete understanding of the risks faced by your school in the pursuit of its strategic objectives.

The fine line of a fair dismissal

12 December 2017

All schools must make staff changes but it’s vital to achieve fairness when terminating employment so that the claim risk can be contained.