Wealth journey


Major changes for employers coming into effect in April 2017. Following the earlier promises of his predecessor, the Chancellor has set out clearly the direction of travel in relation to the taxation of employees. In aiming to tax employees on the true value of their benefits, he has delivered a Hammond blow to salary sacrifice schemes. These schemes are popular with employers and employees alike as it has allows certain benefits to be taxed at a lower figure than the cash equivalent cost of the benefit. Employers also benefit as they pay less National Insurance.

However, he has done a U-turn on the initial proposals and included low emission vehicles with the other exempt benefits of pensions, childcare and cycle to work.

He has also confirmed that HMRC will go ahead with the proposed changes for off-payroll workers in the public sector.

These are workers who to all intents and purposes would be viewed as employees but can avoid PAYE and NIC deductions by entering into changes in their contracts. These changes will not only impact BBC talent but also workers in councils, NHS trusts and academies.

It cannot be too long before employers in the private sector face the same fate.