How safe are your people and organisation?

05 June 2017

Chief finance officers are fully aware of risk management and the need to put assurance measures in place. But how often do you think people risks are included within their risk management?

When I visit local authorities I often hear:

  • we are a people business;
  • our people are our greatest asset; or
  • we are customer focused. 

Or their organisational objectives relate to;

  • developing people;
  • ensuring service quality;
  • building workforce capability; or
  • creating a fit for future culture.

These statements demonstrate the importance of 'our people' and how the right people will represent your organisation to drive growth and development. Unfortunately many recent high profile cases have highlighted where the people have got it wrong. The damage in some cases is irrecoverable to the organisation but in all instances organisations incur unexpected rectification cost, fines and reputation damage at a personal and entity level. 

People risks relate not only to your employees but to the actions those people take and the decisions they make once recruited. 

Download the full report: emergency services sector update May 2017.