Emergency services sector update - May 2017

In this edition we look at the latest developments affecting the sector, gender pay gap reporting, preparing your organisation for the new off-payroll rules and much more.

Will the emergency services be ready for the new intermediaries legislation?

05 June 2017

The new off-payroll rules comes with increased scrutiny from HMRC, in which failure to comply can result in huge penalties and additional tax settlements.

Technical update - further guidance

05 June 2017

In this article we examine the recent developments affecting the sector and pose the key questions your audit committee must consider in order to remain compliant.

The essentials of gender pay gap reporting

05 June 2017

Discover how your organisation can close its gender pay gap and the benefits of including a narrative within your reporting.

How safe are your people and organisation?

05 June 2017

Chief finance officers are fully aware of risk management and the need to put assurance measures in place. But how often do you think people risks are included within their risk management?