Emergency services sector update December 2018

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Welcome to RSM’s latest Emergency Services sector briefing which provides a useful source of insight into recent developments and publications affecting the sector. 

We look at the National Audit Office’s (NAO) report on the financial sustainability of police forces, drawing attention to the Home Office’s approach to overseeing police forces financial sustainability, ways in which the Home Office informs itself when making decisions related to funding allocations and the recommendations that have been set out by the NAO. In addition, we look at statistics on police complaints, the Home Office’s investment on the Police Transformation Fund alongside the types of projects currently underway and the announcement of a 2 per cent pay rise for police officers following the removal of the public sector pay cap. 

In looking specifically at fire and rescue services, we cover the Home Office’s review of the Fire Transformation Fund projects since its introduction in April 2015, and statistics on incidents attended by fire and rescue services.

We also delve into the new Emergency Services Network expected to be implemented over the following year, including how the new approach will transform the way in which the emergency services sector operates. 

We hope you find this update a useful source of insight. As ever, if you have any queries, or have any suggestions for topics for future editions, please contact Daniel Harris